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  • OroTox® Protein Reagenzium

OroTox® Protein Reagenzium

Product Code: 3012.20.n
Serial number 21012702
Lot PRB500-21012502
Minimum Expiry Date 11/2021

The protein toxin measurement, in order to recognize an increased content of total proteins in the tooth sore, thus indications for bacterial infections.:

  • OroTox® Protein Reagenzium, includes pro reagent
  • 1 Transparent cuvette*

In any case inside the package contents there is available an OroTox® Color Scale for quicker visible tests. Following Packages are available:

  • 5 Pieces
  • 10 Pieces or
  • 20 Pieces

If you need greater Quantity please let us know at

* Alone OroTox® test is not enought for a diagnose. It would be better if the results are also confirmed from a doctor.

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