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  • Volume III „Cavity forming osteolysis of the jawbone“

Volume III „Cavity forming osteolysis of the jawbone“

Product Code: 1003

Dr. Dr. (PhD-UCN) Johann Lechner

Dental pathomechanisms of chronic inflammatory diseases

After Volume I from 2011 and Volume II from 2015, Volume III, on the cavity-forming osteolyses of the jawbone with their oral and systemic manifestations, will be published in 2019.

These three books by the authors Dr. Dr. (PhDUCN) J. Lechner, Prof. JE. Bouquot and Dr. V. von Baehr with more than 600 colored illustrations and over 1,000 literature citations on more than 800 pages explain and justify the new therapy and research branch of a „Maxillo-Mandibular Osteoimmunology".

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